Stormwater Drainage Systems

Stormwater Drains, French Drains, and Catch Basins

If heavy rain leads to standing water or flooding in your home or yard, a stormwater drain, French drain or catch basin may be the solution.  When the Drain Doctors design a stormwater drainage solution, we naturally divert the flow of storm water away from your property and into a catch basin that collects the water and drains it in an appropriate location.

A stormwater drain is designed to collect excess rain and ground water from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks, and roofs. If that water is not diverted away from the home, it can pool and eventually find its way through the foundation walls or begin eroding the soil underneath concrete slabs. The Drain Doctors will diagnose the problem and create a drainage solution that is cost-efficient and effective for years to come.

French Drains

A French drain, sometimes referred to as a “curtain drain,” is a system that uses gravity to divert water away from your home and yard. They are often used to prevent storm water from seeping through foundation walls. They are also commonly placed behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.

The typical French drain consists of two basic parts, the drain field, which is where excess water enters the pipes. And a drain exit, which is the lowest point and where water leaves the drainage system. Essentially, it is a gravel-filled trench lined with a perforated pipe that provides an easy channel for water to flow through and away from your home

Catch Basins

A catch basin is a curbside storm drain that collects rainwater from your property and streets and transports it to local storm sewers through a system of underground piping, culverts and/or drainage ditches. The catch basin is set in the low point of a yard or property. They can prevent basement flooding, standing water, and soggy soil.

Signs that you may need a stormwater drainage solution:

  • Standing water on hardscape driveway, walkways, or patio
  • Pooling water in your yard
  • Overly saturated soil or lawn
  • Flooding
  • Water seeping into the basement or crawl space

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