Water Main Line Repair & Replacement

Noticing higher water bills? You may have a main line leak.

Your water main line connects a home’s water meter to the city or community’s water source. It’s the pipe that brings clean, filtered water into your home, so it’s important to maintain. The water main is also under pressure, so a break or leak can cause serious flooding issues and even bring contaminated water into your home.

Signs that you may have an issue with your water main include wet floors or walls, mildew and mold, an increase in your water bill, basement or crawlspace flooding, saturated or soggy portions of your yard, and standing water.

If you detect a leak or break in the line, The Drain Doctors can fix or replace the line with little disturbance to your landscaping, paved surfaces and yard with our trenchless solution.

Water Main Repair & Replacement Services:

  • Leak Detection
  • Trenchless drilling
  • Open trench
  • Water line splitting
  • Water main shutoff valve replacement
  • PVR pressure reduction valve installation & replacement
  • Backflow valve installation


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